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A Florida pension fund for firefighters and police has sued Nationstar Mortgage for securities fraud, alleging that Nationstar executives concealed a variety of unsavory dealings from its potential investors. The complaint alleges:

[U]nbeknownst to investors… defendants knew or recklessly disregarded that:

(a) Nationstar’s deficiencies in management control and supervision rendered it unable to comply with laws and regulations applicable to servicing MSRs [mortgage servicing rights];

(b) Nationstar was gouging mortgagors – and illegally enhancing its profits through unsustainable means – via illicit practices, such as charging for repeated, unnecessary inspections, which resulted in additional late payment fees, and by pressuring mortgagors to carry out expensive modifications and refinancing of their mortgages;

(c) Solutionstar’s increasing profitability was largely attributable to unlawful and inappropriate customer gouging, rather than improving business metrics;

(d) Heightened regulatory scrutiny into MSR transferring and servicing – including a probe into Nationstar’s own loan servicing practices launched by the New York State Department of Financial Services (“NY DFS”) in March 2014 – had significantly increased Nationstar’s costs of servicing MSRs and diminished the profitability and carrying value of the Company’s MSR portfolio;

(e) In order to deflect regulatory scrutiny in the wake of the regulatory enforcement actions taken against Ocwen, Nationstar had abandoned certain of its own abusive loan servicing practices and adopted others required by regulators, which had made its loan servicing business less profitable and rendered Nationstar’s MSR portfolio less valuable to the Company…

…In January 2015, Nationstar was named as a defendant in a federal civil action accusing the Company of racketeering activity and seeking hundreds of millions of dollars in damages on a classwide basis and alleging that the Company essentially paid itself kickbacks through its Solutionstar billings for improper fees.

…While Nationstar blamed the decline [in profits] on lower interest rates causing higher pre- payments, commentators recognized that in reality, it was “heightened scrutiny into the servicing space by regulators such as the Benjamin Lawsky-headed New York Department of Financial Services” which had significantly diminished profits in and the carrying value of the Company’s servicing business.

(Italics mine.)

In other words, Nationstar juiced its profit reporting through illegal, unfair, or just plain bad business practices, and when it was forced to abandon those illegal practices to avoid government investigations of its practices, its profitability fell, and its investors suffered.

The case is CITY OF ST. CLAIR SHORES POLICE AND FIRE RETIREMENT SYSTEM v. NATIONSTAR MORTGAGE HOLDINGS INC. and you can read the complaint here: Nationstar Complaint [PDF]


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U.S. v. Bartram: Appellate court guts five-year limitations law (briefs available)

May 1, 2014

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David Stern Disbarred, Recommends Florida Bar Referee

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The Mandate from Tallahassee: Ease Up on Banks or Crack the Whip?

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The biggest mistake you can make in fighting your foreclosure: hiring the WRONG lawyer

May 17, 2013

Don’t hire the WRONG foreclosure defense lawyers Sometimes having the wrong lawyer is worse than having no lawyer at all. Here’s a redacted paragraph out of a recent decision by Florida Fifth District Court of Appeal about the shoddy work of one defense law firm: The quality of the legal work performed by [defense] attorneys […]

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David J. Stern: Florida Bar files 17-count complaint

April 18, 2013

Almost everyone knows that the Law Office of Davis J. Stern has been out of operation for more than two years now,even though the legal entity still exists (mainly for the purpose of suing its former clients for fees). But Stern himself looks like he’s about to lose his license. On April 17, the Florida […]

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Big Four Banks Apologize for Wreaking Economic Havoc and Promise to “Make it right.”

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Only 15% of national mortgage fraud settlement benefits Florida homeowners

February 23, 2013

Remember when the feds and the Attorneys General of the various states announced the settlement of claims arising from the robo-signing scandal? Remember how they promised that $26 billion dollars would go to help victim of foreclosure fraud? Will you be surprised to learn it didn’t exactly happen that way? Me neither. A new report […]

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Pinellas Residents:
Contact Florida Senator Jack Latvala to OPPOSE foreclosure fast-track legislation

February 11, 2013
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No Senator has yet introduced a companion bill to HB 87—but rumor has it Sen. Jack Latvala will be instrumental in one when it gets drafted. Here’s the Senator’s information: Tallahassee Office: 408 Senate Office Building 404 South Monroe Street Tallahassee, FL 32399-1100 (850) 487-5020 Please contact Set. Latvala today Our sources tell us […]

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Florida’s foreclosure fast-track bill may expose state to billions of dollars in liability under Bert Harris Act

February 11, 2013

The Florida legislature is once again considering a bill to fast-track foreclosure cases in the judicial system—even though no one wants to use the expedited procedure that already exists—and one of the most dangerous provisions the bill contains is the so-called “Finality of judgment” section. The finality provision This finality provision is backed by well-funded […]

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An open letter to Florida’s lawmakers

February 6, 2013

Dear Subcommittee Members, Party Leaders, and all Legislators: Vote NO on House Bill 87. If you’ve never stepped foot in a foreclosure courtroom, vote NO HB 87, because you cannot understand what the real problem is. If you think that the speed of foreclosure is the fault of Florida’s homestead property owners, then vote NO […]

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The “Bring a court action” language does not substantially comply with Paragraph 22, says Broward County judge in blistering opinion

January 24, 2013

What’s the biggest battle raging on the front lines of the foreclosure wars? The failure of nearly all the banks to comply with the pre-acceleration notice requirements contained in paragraph 22 of the mortgage. The bank’s breach vs. substantial compliance On the defense side, we see that nearly every letter that goes out contains some […]

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Another one bites the dust: Spear and Hoffman, minor foreclosure mill, to close its doors

January 8, 2013

A day after we learned aout the impending closure of Marshall C Watson, P.A., we have now learned that Spear and Hoffman P.A., a relatively small foreclosure mill based in Miami, is also shutting its doors soon. This one seems to be financial, rather than any wrongdoing—the firm had a much smaller volume than most […]

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Marshall Watson to surrender law license and close law firm

January 8, 2013

Marshall C. Watson, the lawyer at the head of one of Florida’s most notorious foreclosure mills, will soon surrender his law license and shut down his infamous law firm, reports the Palm Beach Post’s Kim Miller. According to the Post: The owner of the Fort Lauderdale-based Law Offices of Marshall C. Watson has agreed to […]

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One little letter to save your home: Florida appellate court rejects “substantial compliance” in Judy

December 1, 2012
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One little letter stands between you and the bank that wants to take your home, if you’re in foreclosure. Those of you following recent developments in foreclosure law know that a defense, first developed by the foreclosure lawyers at Ricardo & Wasylik, has been taking the state by storm: the defective notice letters sent by […]

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