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Florida sues mortgage fraudsters and foreclosure scammers

by Mike on July 25, 2008

Bill McCollum, Florida’s attorney general, as been very active lately, going after a number of companies he has accused of foreclosure rescue scams and unfair mortgage-related practices, according to the Tampa Bay Business Journal.

…McCollum has filed five cases against companies he believes have conducted questionable, if not illegal, acts in regard to mortgage and foreclosure fraud since assembling his Mortgage Fraud Task Force last September.

The defendants include:

  • the highly-publicized Countrywide Financial;
  • A Realty Rx LLC;
  • Florida Housing Council LLP;
  • Equity Investment Capital Management Inc.;
  • Star Enterprises LLC.

Countrywide stands accused of defrauding its investors by making asset-based loans to individuals who couldn’t possibly support those payments, but telling investors that all borrowers were thoroughly vetted for ability to pay.  A Realty RX has been sued for selling realty without a license and other fraudulent practices – including possible foreclosure rescue fraud.

The others? Foreclosure rescue scammers.

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