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Florida Foreclosure Law Center LLC and Lincoln Lending Services Accused of Illegal Loan Modification Operation

by Mike on March 24, 2009

“We are asking the Court to shut them down.”

Another loan-modification shop, this time in conjunction with a law firm, has apparently run afoul of the law. Florida’s Attorney General, Bill McCollum, has sued Florida Foreclosure Law Center LLC and Lincoln Lending Services and said at a press conference:

We are asking the court to shut them down.

“Forensic analysis” fee was a fraud

Florida law bars foreclosure rescue services from charging an advance fee yet Lincoln Lending asked homeowners to pay a $2,700 “forensic analysis” fee up front, claiming that they were reviewing the loan for errors and violations that would help lenders avoid foreclosure. McCollum said the fee was a fraud, designed to skirt the law. They also lied when they told homeowners that a $999 “loan-modification” fee would be paid by President Obama’s stimulus plan. It won’t.

Lincoln Lending Targeted Hispanics

Some of my colleagues have told me they’ve seen Lincoln Lending advertising on South Florida Spanish-language TV stations, calling the ads “outrageous.” The AG’s office apparently agreed. Also, because Lincoln was allegedly feeding clients to a local law firm, it may be “indirectly” involved in the practice of law, violating Florida law regarding unauthorized practice of law.

The lesson?

Be careful who you hire to help you when you’re facing foreclosure.

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justice18 March 25, 2009 at 12:40 am

[FFF does not endorse any of the the following comments. -Ed.]

These people are crooks!!! They took advantage of my elder mother who is a senior when she refinanced her house with these people. They tried to scam her out of $4700. Guillermo Lleys is a male shovenist pig who scremed and insulted me when I refused to sign a document that cleared them of all liabilities. I was scared that he would actually assult me. I reported them to the better business bureau after he ordered me not to. They forced me to take back my complaint to the BBB in order to get my mom’s money back.It is sad that crooks like this can take advantage of their own hispanic people. I’m sure that they have some responsability over the housing crisis we find ourselves in. They should be audited!!!

I would also like to know why this story was not on the spanish nightly news???? yet they run his commercial during Telemundo’s Nightly News….They also claim to be cousins of Lincoln Diaz Balard…coincidence or conspiracy anyone????

Art March 28, 2009 at 2:11 pm

This same people have an office at 6291 SW 40th Street, Miami, FL 33155. I went to this location and one of their Financial Advisor demanded $2,000 upfront and $500.00 monthly and he said it could take up to 14 months which looked a bit suspicious. I saw Guillermo Leyes there. True, he is a little greedy. I was there 1 hour waiting and saw how he screamed at another person. Will they continue scamming people under a different corporation?

DarioLMarin June 4, 2009 at 10:48 pm

Just found out today that the “program” my Sister was in to save our home was this exact one. Got a Final forecloser letter today saying our house was up for sale. I mean clearly we were taking advantage of when they saw we seeked help for keeping our home. I don’t think Florida law is doing anything to help out with victims of the scam either. If I see any of those scam artist that got away with our hard earned money I will beat the living soul out of them since FL state is too weak to help us with this.

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