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“Almost always scams” – law enforcement cracks down on foreclosure rescue operations

by Mike on April 7, 2009

Foreclosure rescue scammers now have a new front to worry about: a coordinated operation by state and federal officials to shut down those who prey on foreclosure victims.

“The message is very simple: If you prey on vulnerable homeowners with fraudulent mortgage schemes, we’ll find you and we will punish you,” [U.S. Attorney General Eric] Holder said.

Scammers disguised as government programs

Other federal programs have given scammers an ironic opportunity to prey upon homeowners: they disguise themselves as government programs, using official-looking logos and bureaucratic-sounding names.

It’s all too easy to fall prey to the slick packaging, but HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan says there’s one easy way to tell who’s who: government programs are free.

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