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April Charney comes to Tampa again, blasts “sloppiness, deception and outright fraud.”

by Mike on April 6, 2009

The St. Pete Times reports on April Charney coming to town again:

At the start of class, April Charney makes one thing clear.

“This is very dense, complicated work,” she warns. “If you don’t get it, raise your hand and ask questions because the chances are others don’t get it either.”

[She’s speaking to] lawyers and judges from all over Florida. And they’ve come to this seminar in Tampa to learn from the woman many consider the nation’s foremost expert on fighting fore­closure.

…Charney has parlayed her own experience helping clients save their homes into a veritable crusade to protect millions of Americans from what she says are illegal fore­closures. Over the next eight hours, she will cite example on example of the sloppiness, deception and outright fraud — including forged signatures — in some of the 275,000 foreclosure suits filed nationally each month.

She’s making some headway, too. April is teaching lawyers, packing in hundreds at a time to hear her speak, and those lawyers are going out and using her methods to stop these sloppy, deceptive, and fraudulent foreclosures.

And some judges are listening. More than ever, homeowners are beating their foreclosures. More than ever, people who would have otherwise lost their homes to these fraudulent practices are staying in their homes.

The tide is turning, thanks in large part to April Charney.

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