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Lawyers for Homeowner Rights sponsor Rally in Tally

State Capitol in Tallahassee, Florida

by Mike on April 20, 2010

Lawyers for Homeowner Rights, a group of Florida foreclosure lawyers dedicated to protecting the legal rights of Florida homeowners, are set to march on Tallahassee to protest a dangerous new foreclosure law proposed by the banks.

What if you were accused of a crime, convicted, and sentenced without a trial?

Imagine you were accused of a crime… and you were never charged, never told the evidence against you, never brought before a judge to determine if there were probable cause. Instead, the police just filed a document at the courthouse accusing you and mailed you a copy. If you didn’t respond within thirty days, you would be convicted and sentenced without trial. And then, imagine it was worse – if you contested the charges, the government didn’t have to prove you did it – you had to file a court case and prove your innocence. If you couldn’t prove that, you would be convicted and sentenced.

Not a single one of you think that’s fair. So why does your bank want to change Florida foreclosure law to work like this?

Your bank wants to foreclose your house without any proof.

Time after time you’ve read in this space how the banks and their lawyers have tried to foreclosure on Florida homeowners with inadmissible, or even faked, evidence of debt. And judges are starting to catch on. And the bankers, used to getting what they want, are starting to get frustrated by having to produce all this “proof” and “evidence” before taking away your home. So they’re asking your Florida legislature for permission to write the court system out of the process entirely.

Lawyers for Homeowner Rights fight bank attempts to write new loopholes into law

The new law would create a new “non-judicial” foreclosure process, where the banks no longer need permission from a judge to sell your house or produce any evidence that they’re entitled to do so. And if you, the homeowner, want to challenge it, you have to file your own lawsuit, pay the filing fees (up to $1,900.00!), and then hope you can prove your case, instead of the other way around. And that’s just not fair.

The banks pushing this new bill claim that it will help clear the current backlog of foreclosure cases. They’re lying sacks of dung. Let me say that again – they’re lying sacks of dung. This new bill won’t touch a single case that’s already pending in the court system; it won’t even reach the vast majority of current home loans. Only new loans taken out after the bill passes would be affected, and that means that anyone who hopes to buy a home after this session would be targeted by this bill.

So the banks are trying to exploit this current crisis by short-circuiting the rights of all future buyers, and the “solution” they propose doesn’t solve a thing. The good news? There’s someone fighting back.

Lawyers for Homeowner Rights

A group of foreclosure lawyers from all over the state of Florida has formed Lawyers for Homeowner Rights, a group dedicated to protecting the legal rights of homeowners. On Wednesday, LHR will hold a “Rally In Tally”, busing lawyers, consumer advocates, and homeowners in from several key Florida cities (including Tampa and Jacksonville) to confront state legislators and demand they support homeowners, not bankers.

The Rally begins at 9:00 a.m. on the steps of the state capitol. Everyone is invited who wants to help protect Florida’s homeowners from the grasping of the banks, and their desperate attempt to cut fairness out of the foreclosure process once and for all.

Along with the attorneys of Ricardo, Wasylik, & Kaniuk, these lawyers and several others are founders of LHR:

Remember – the government answers to you.

Download LHR’s press release about the Rally in Tally [pdf]

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