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Foreclosure Hamlet sponsors St. Pete “Happy Hour” for foreclosure fighters

by Mike on October 14, 2010

Fighting foreclosure? Want to meet like-minded foreclosure fighters? If you live in the Tampa Bay area, you’ll get your chance on Friday, October 15, in St. Pete, sponsored by Foreclosure Hamlet:

Oct 15, St. Pete, FL: Happy Hour for Combatants of Illegal Foreclosures & the Defiling of our Judiciary

Here’s all the info:

Come join at our next Happy Hour, an informal gathering where we can relax, socialize, enjoy stimulating conversation, and use our collective brain power to make a positive impact on the Foreclosure Crisis that is annihilating our communities.

Harvey’s 4th Street Grill
3121 4th Street North
St. Petersburg, Fl.
Phone # (727) 821-6516

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Happy hour specials as well as nightly food specials. Their food is reasonable, and they have the best grouper sandwich in town, for those who like grouper. The have all kinds if different sandwiches and dinners. Their chicken marsala is great.

When you go into the restaurant, tell the greeter at the door that you are with the foreclosure group. We will be in the very back room of the restaurant.

Millions of Americans are being rendered homeless by a Wall Street gamble that left homeowners, tenants, municipalities, insurers, investors, and 401(k)/pension fund savers, and millions across the globe wiped out while Wall Street financiers continue to be heavily remunerated for their destructive rampage into mortgage backed securities.

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