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Ben-Ezra & Katz, Sanctioned for Fraud, is Having a Very Bad Day

Angel of Grief

by Mike on February 11, 2011

Ben-Ezra and Katz is having a very bad day indeed. Not only has Fannie Mae just pulled the plug on the firm’s authorization to handle its cases, the firm’s founder had to appear before a Miami-Dade judge this morning to explain why his firm filed several fraudulent documents in a foreclosure case there.

The judge issued a Show Cause Order finding that these documents were obviously false:

It is obvious that said assignment and acknowledgement were not signed, nor executed and “acknowledged” in the other’s presence, and are therefore, fraudulent on its face.

The judge demanded that the owners of the firm show up this morning to explain themselves. According to one witness at today’s hearing, Mr. Ben-Ezra himself attended, and apologized profusely to the court, but to no avail: the judge threw out the foreclosure case, granted judgment for the homeowner, found both plaintiff lawyers in contempt of court, and reported both plaintiff lawyers to the Florida Bar.

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