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Florida Default Law Group, Under Investigation Again, Changes Name to Ronald R. Wolfe & Assoc.

by Mike on May 28, 2012

Notorious foreclosure mill Florida Default Law Group has changed its name to Ronald R. Wolfe & Associates—possibly after a sale of the troubled firm—is under investigation again, this time for offering fake cash-for-keys deals to homeowner facing foreclosure:

Christian Flint jumped at a chance to make $2,000 by leaving his rented home in Winter Springs more quickly than he had to after it went into foreclosure. However, not only did Flint not get $2,000, he didn’t get any money at all.

“It makes me furious,” Flint said.

Flint, who suffers from cerebral palsy, said he was deceived by the Florida Default Law Group and a local Realtor the group employed in his case.

Now that’s low. I wouldn’t expect any less from Florida Default, and I doubt a mere name change—or even a change of ownership—will improve their practices much. And this article suggests as much:

…But the new name may carry similar baggage: Wolfe has two open foreclosure-related complaints against him personally with the Florida bar.

Inside sources tell me that two things have happened in the past year: the firm slashed its cadre of lawyers from 77 to 22, and firm founder Michael Echevarria—in his 50’s—may be cashing out to retire.

Hat tip to Matt Weidner.

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