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David J. Stern: Florida Bar files 17-count complaint

by Mike on April 18, 2013

Almost everyone knows that the Law Office of Davis J. Stern has been out of operation for more than two years now,even though the legal entity still exists (mainly for the purpose of suing its former clients for fees).

But Stern himself looks like he’s about to lose his license. On April 17, the Florida Bar filed a seventeen-count complaint [PDF] against Stern, seeking discipline which is likely to include disbarment. The allegations include falsification of documents, perjured affidavits, disruption of the judicial process, failure to properly supervise employees, stealing candy from babies, and refusing to put the toilet seat back down. (Not quite sure about those last two.)

One of the most severe allegations is that Stern just dropped all its cases like a hot potato, leaving the already-overburdened court system to clean up the mess:

David J. Stern did intentionally abandon the approximately 608 cases referenced above in the Eighth Judicial Circuit despite the knowledge that they remained active, as well as the remainder of the 100,000 cases statewide all of which David J. Stern admitted, causing massive and irreconcilable damage to the entire court system.

That’s not the language of a Bar that’s looking just for a slap on the wrist. They could disbar him; they could seek reparations in the form of money damages; or they could seek some lesser sanction.

I don’t think lesser sanctions will work here. I don’t think the Bar does either.

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